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Working hard and getting no satisfaction ?

Are you getting the feeling that you work harder and get no cherry on top of the cake ? Are you entering on a failure spiral ?There are times on each one’s life when we feel unhappy, crappy and even feeling totally usefulness, and we can’t avoid this to happen, it’s something called demotivation, but you can get out of it quickly and improve you quality of life.

There are some tactics that you could use to get out of the well.

1. Be the master of you day
1.1 Write down every tasks you have to do for each working day.
1.2 Give a priority factor to each of them.
1.3 Order the list for priority level, ascending, meaning, more priority tasks on top.
1.4 Define what are the tasks that need to be done TODAY and the one’s that don’t.
1.5 Draw a line between URGENT = TODAY tasks and the others.
1.6 Now look only for URGENT=TODAY tasks and you got your daily tasks, your goal. When you finish this, just go home, and be a little bit more ambitious tomorrow.

Making this you will start to re-gain confidence and cultivate a success culture, you will also know what is the work load that you can handle each day.

2. Split work and personal life areas
Often we stay on office and try to be like superman, be the one to save the world, or end hunger in the world. Convince yourself that you cannot be that person, neither you, neither anyone. If you draw a strict line between working hours and off work life, you will get a balance that will allow you to reduce stress, fatigue and unhealthy factors that are killing your personal life and making you less productive tomorrow.

3. Find the love on what you do
You must think if what you are doing on your current work, is what you love. If you are doing something that you do not truly love, just write down the resignation letter and go somewhere else and be happy. Most of the times people get stuck in a place because they think that they are on the only place in the world where they can get money to pay the bills. That’s bullshit! There are plenty of places where you can get the money, and be happy at same time.

So, your plan of action, should be :
Re-gain control of your day, Draw a line between work and personal and Find passion on what you do.


  1. 🙂 Como sempre… parece que escreves estas coisas mesmo para mim…

  2. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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