Mar 1 2008

Will Habary steal the place of WordPress ?

Testing Habary Blogging system, and give myself with the question on m mind. I am a long term wordpress user, but being a developer and after looked at Habary functionalities and code, i see on Habary a great an bright future.

But will Habary have the power enought to steal WordPress Users in order to become number one?

What’s you opinion?

6 comments on “Will Habary steal the place of WordPress ?

  1. Hi Jose

    I’m not sure Habari will ever overcome WordPress as a blogging platform but that doesn’t concern me too much.

    It’s nice to have a small fast platform with most of the necessary plugins available and more developments being added daily.

    PS. You might want to grab the latest version of Whitespace which fixes a couple of irritating bugs. See the Habari users mailing list for details.


  2. Andy,

    My background is on PHP Development, and i have used wordpress since i started blogging, but something that always make me worry, was the wordpress code, and after a huge study of Habari, i have seen a huge advantage comparing both blogging.

    I am myself making some development over Habari, that’s why this question came into my mind!

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