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Will Habary steal the place of WordPress ?

Testing Habary Blogging system, and give myself with the question on m mind. I am a long term wordpress user, but being a developer and after looked at Habary functionalities and code, i see on Habary a great an bright future.

But will Habary have the power enought to steal WordPress Users in order to become number one?

What’s you opinion?


  1. Hmm, very cognitive post.
    Is this theme good unough for the Digg?

  2. Hi Jose

    I’m not sure Habari will ever overcome WordPress as a blogging platform but that doesn’t concern me too much.

    It’s nice to have a small fast platform with most of the necessary plugins available and more developments being added daily.

    PS. You might want to grab the latest version of Whitespace which fixes a couple of irritating bugs. See the Habari users mailing list for details.


  3. Andy,

    My background is on PHP Development, and i have used wordpress since i started blogging, but something that always make me worry, was the wordpress code, and after a huge study of Habari, i have seen a huge advantage comparing both blogging.

    I am myself making some development over Habari, that’s why this question came into my mind!

  4. Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

  5. Hello, can you please post some more information on this topic? I would like to read more.

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