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What should you be looking for your next job

IT employees do often change their work environment, jumping between projects and companies. It would be easy to change project or company just trying to have more money on your paycheck. Altough you should thing more ahead and not only the present.

There are several questions that you should ask yourself before jumping on a new project.

Will more money now solve all your problems ?

It’s easy to give more importance, than it really has, to money and monthly income, but will that result on more happiness and professional realization ? Most of the times the answer is a simple NO.

Will the new project be a step ahead, in terms of career?

Will you have the opportunity to became a more valuable professional or increase your knowledge or became a specialist in your field ? If the answer is no, think twice before jumping out your current project.

Will the change increase your quality of life ?

By changing project, are you increasing your quality of life ? By working less hours, spending more hours doing whatever you love outside work ? Or will it be consuming more time and weekends of your time, making almost impossible to have time for the small pleasures of life ?

Will you have the possibility to attend technology events ?

Nowadays attending international technology events is almost mandatory in order to keep your knowledge in pair with the rest of the community and your network up to date. If your the new company will not give you the opportunity to do that, you SHOULD think twice before accepting.


So, what you should be looking on your next job is simply as:

A solid and challenging project

A company that will increase your professional value

A project that will increase your quality of life

A company that cares about your knowledge and incentives your network to grow

The money? The money will come by the sum of the parts, if you will grow up as a professional, if you grow up your network and knowledge and you love what you do, the money will come to you without you notice it.

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