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Two truths about your current job

I know a lot of good people, that hang up with their current chairs, thinking that the company where they work right now is the only company in the world, and if they go out or get fired will be the end of the world, i have some news to you, the world will not end, neither that will be your last job.

Truth Number One – Your current job will not be your last job

Don’t get attached to your chair, most likely your current job will not be your last one, it’s a normal process to change jobs, to get fired or accept a new challenge on other company, it’s a growth process that you as everyone will have to do.


Truth Number Two – Your are not in the top of you career

You could be on the highest point that you managed to be, until now, on the command chain, but you’re not on the top of your career yet, you will earn more experience, make more mistakes, and get promoted, on your current company or outside the company.


Bonus Thruth ( Number Three ) You will get a higher raise when you change job

The numbers don’t lie, and you will mostly get a bigger pay-check at end of the month if you change job or company. It would be most probable to get a higher salary jump when you switch off company.


So, please don’t look at your job like the last job in the world, you would get to do the same work, probably with a bigger pay-check somewhere else.

Important note:

I am happy with my current job, this content is a reflection of what i listen and feel around me.

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