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3 Tips on team motivation in rough times

Over the past 12 years, i have dealt with several teams, in some i was leading in others don’t, so i got some conclusions, like the DO and DON’T about team motivation, that i would like to share with you.

1. Avoid the bad news

Spreading bad news should be avoided at all costs, people tend to demotivate quickly when they hear about bad news. Think that people often think they are giving their best, bad news is the recognition that wasn’t enough! If you really have to give people bad news, make it on a solid way. Explain people why that happened and how will it be avoided in the future!

2. Lead the direction

Is extremely easy to order people to do a task or something else, is harder to lead the way until the task is completed. Stay side by side with your team when shit happens and help the team to achieve the goal, don’t be the guy that measures the performance at the end, be one of the responsible for the team success or failure. Assume the failures and give the champagne bubbles to your team on success.

3. Teach when people do bad

Don’t point the finger out, don’t recriminate people, be a teacher to the team! Blaming someone else will make the blame syndrome to grow, and at the end you will never be able to take control back! Every team member will have fear to risk because they will be afraid to miss and be blamed. So, don’t blame, teach!

4. EXTRA TIP: Recognize and reward top performers

Recognize and reward who behaves great on the team, instead of punishing who behaves badly, have a positive attitude relating to performance, this will increase all the team morale. Everyone likes to be recognized among their pairs.

In every though times the team is the key factor to achieve success, so, be with the team, as a part of the team not as a team ruler.

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