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The meaning of being a single founder

Being a start-up single founder is a sign that you shouldn’t misinterpret, because is a damn important one. Had struggled with the “from idea to product cycle” sometimes and one of the major, and toughest, task is to persuade someone else to embrace it together with you. If after a few tries your still in a Single Founder position maybe this could mean something important to you.

Everyone loves your idea but you’re still alone

It is extremely hard for everyone to criticise a closer friend dream, so people tend to be polite, and maybe you should start to present your idea to complete strangers in order to evaluate the real power of it. you should put yourself the following question, “If i can’t convince someone else to join me, is the idea that great ?”, is a pretty simple question and will help you more than you can think.

Doesn’t mean you’ll fail

Being alone sometimes will be your advantage, and doesn’t mean that you’ll be failing but you should believe that it will be harder than having someone helping you. Starting a business evolves a lot of activities that aren’t business related, and being alone you can’t do business and bureaucracy parallel.  And even if you have a extremely clear vision how to get there, sometimes during the way you’ll need someone else to remember it you where are you heading to.

Tip: Building a network around you will save you

There are critical moments that you’ll need someone side-by-side, so if you have no co-founder, find out a support network that will back you up on the toughest moments, so if you are alone on the ride, you must build a trust network around you. What does it means to build a trust network ? Simple as having a set of persons whom you can lunch, Skype or call and discuss the challenges you are facing. This will definitely help you to go all the way, reducing the risk of being a single co-founder.

What’s your take on this ?

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