Jan 1 1970

Tarpipe.com aggregating the web

I am trilled to see that Tarpipe.com is growing on the web, the service got featured on Evernote.com blog and on ReadWriteWeb.

For the one’s that haven’t heard about Tarpipe.com before, here goes some details about it.

What is Tarpipe ?

tarpipe is a publishing mediation and distribution platform that simplifies regular upload activities:

  • Publishing content to multiple Web locations;
  • Combining different media into a single blog post or article;
  • Transforming documents on-the-fly;
  • Managing repeatable upload actions.

Source: http://tarpipe.com/about/

What is a Tarpipe.com connector ?

A connector is the node that will help you to build your workflow. By connecting a group of nodes you get a workflow where your message will pass by. You could, by example, send an email with an attached image, that will post your email subject into Twitter and the Image into Flickr. On this example you will be using 3 connectors, MailDecoder, TwitterUpdater and Flickr Updater.

At this moment you could use the following connectors on Tarpipe.com

  • Evernote
  • Flickr
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • 23hq
  • photobucket
  • Pownce
  • Plurk
  • Bitly
  • Delicious
  • TinyUrl
  • FriendFeed
  • Jaiku
  • Smallr
  • GoogleGeocoder
  • and many more are comming


If you are planning to start using tarpipe.com, you only need to :

  1. Signup for an account [ http://tarpipe.com/signup/ ]
  2. Signin
  3. Click on Workflow‘s tab
  4. Choose the connectors that you want to use from the left pane
  5. Connect the connectors, and save the workflow
  6. You are ready to go!

You can even share your public timeline with the world, check mine as example. Josedasilva Public Tarpipe.com Timeline.

If you are thinking on integrating you application or service with tarpipe.com, you could use the latest Api V2, that implements oAuth. You can read my PHP Implementation of the Api V1, V2 comming next week, or other implementations at Tarpipe.com.

If you have any doubts, you can read Alexandre Solleiro Quick How to.

One comment on “Tarpipe.com aggregating the web

  1. Hi. Im interested in this product if it have one way to stream posts to several facebook pages. If not can you indicate some similar software?
    Thank you

    jose lopes on said:

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