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Speeding up your application with Cache_Lite

Cache_Lite is one of the fast, light and reliable cache system for PHP. It’s an extremely easy and small learning curve system to work with. This post will try to make you a light introduction to PHP Cache_Lite.

Installing PEAR Cache_Lite

In order to work with Cache_Lite you need to install the PEAR package.

pear install Cache_Lite-1.7.8

Starting with Cache_Lite

Is easy as instantiating the object to start using Cache_Lite.

  // Requiring the package
  $options = array(
    'cacheDir' => 'cache/', // This need to be writable
    'lifeTime' => 3600, // Value in seconds
    'automaticSerialization' => true // If you will serialize plain text strings, just define this as false, will give you a small performance increase
// Create a Cache_Lite object
$Cache_Lite = new Cache_Lite($options);

Using Cache_Lite

Now that we have the cache object instantiated, we can start using it.

  $cache_key = 'somekey';
  if( $data = $Cache_Lite->get($cache_key) ) {
    // Do something with cache data
   echo "CACHE DETECTED<br/>";
  } else {
   echo "NOT DETECTED CACHE<br/>";
   $data = 'Some data to add into cache';

Just save the above code as test_cache.php and access the file, you can expect the following behavior. On the 1st request the string “NOT DETECTED CACHE” will be echo’ed and if you press refresh on the browser you should see “CACHE DETECTED” with the var_dump of the cache value on the browser.

For a more in deep documentation of Cache_Lite just go into the Cache_Lite package documentation over at PEAR.

Simpler than this you can’t get.

PHP Cache_Lite is a fast, simple and reliable cache system, usually used on non distributed applications, you can use a redundant and distributed cache solution, if you need a more complex approach to cache, like Memcached (a distributed memory cache system) or Redis ( an advanced key-value store ).

What is your experience with PHP and Cache systems ?

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