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3 Tips for getting things done

Do you ever felt that as more as you work, more you will leave behind ? There are a some hints, that i use for myself that could help you to change that.

1. Write down your goals

Grab a notepad, or even a simple piece and write them down. This way you will keep your goals in front of your head, remove the goal form the list when is done. Make short list, in order to get you motivated by seeing the bottom of it.

2. Commit with your goals

Talk about your goals with someone, make a commitment, ensure that you would like to avoid to later one admit that you failed. Committing to someone else will enforce you to make the extra push needed sometimes to finish the goals.

3. Track your goals timely

Add your goals on a spreadsheet or draw a line graph by hand, ensure that you will be able to see the progress of the achievement of your goals on a timely basis, lets say weekly, monthly, quarterly. This will help you to overpass a fail situation and push you forward on next defined goals. A simple spreadsheet with % of achievements will make the work.

Extra Tip: 4. Reward yourself

Define a reward for yourself, as a price for finishing the defined goals. Think on something that you feel like doing, a go out plan, a lunch or a dinner with a friend, something simpler as a 2 hours riding a bike over the weekend. As an human being will work better if there is a reward at the end, is the extra motivational factor. Do you ever saw an horse at the end of a race? Do you ever noticed the sugar that he receives ? That is called motivator!

The secret is simple: WRITE -> COMMIT -> TRACK -> REWARD

My advice for whatever you do is to track down every goals, or actions that you’ll need to, is the only way to measure the success or not, and in the future, historical data will help you to get your goals more realistic.

Do you have any secret tips ?


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