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4 Tips for getting your productivity back

Do you ever felt that you are doing less work than you used to do a few time ago? I felt like this, when i got back from a vacations period!

So i self-imposed some rules, to get back on track.

1. Start early

Is less probable to have interruptions on the beginning of the day than later. People usually gets into work and reads the news, checks their Facebook profiles, and a huge amount of other personal tasks, so is more likely that on the first hours of your working day you get no, or few, interruptions from your co-workers.

2. Put first things first

Always start your day with the most important task for the day, is more likely that your more productive time of day is when you start working, and you have less distractions or interruptions.

3. Put your headphones on

If you have your headphones set, people will only interrupt you if the subject is really important or urgent, otherwise they will send you an email, allowing you to prioritize response times.

4. Turn your email client your ally

By transforming your email client into your best friend you will be able to spend less time reading your emails.
Create filters based on priority, usually received emails from some persons, or some company departments, are more likely to need a quick answer than others. Create filters to help you spending the time where you need to during the day.
Filters like “Critical – NOW”, “Urgent – 4 Hours”, “Normal – Today”, “Low – This week”, will help you to only look into what really maters each time.

What do you do in order to keep you levels of productivity high ?

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