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PHPBenelux 2010 – My 5 cents

Now, that i am back home, i can write down my thoughts on PHP Benelux 2010, realized in Antwerp, Belgium.

I just signed out for the conference, without really knowing anyone, except from the blogs and previous presentations, i landed in Belgiun without any real expectations about what i was going to bring back to Portugal form the conference.

The event organization

The venue was nice enough for the event presentation, the reception of the event was just great, no need to be a long time waiting for the badge and no hiccups when asking for it. The conference rooms where nice, talk 2 room chairs where somehow not so comfortable, but in general everyone was happy from what i could see. The schedule was nicely controlled by the organization and no big delays occurred, it’s the first time that i saw no real delays happen on a conference of this size, cheers for you guys.

The speakers

The speakers were just great, a lot of PHP known names in the list, with a set of great talks to deliver. Just loved all, but Lorna Jane and Cal Evans where just great, i had to deliver this opinion.

The talks

Sometimes had the hard job of choosing what talk to see, when some of them just overlap at same time, but i’m convicted that i made a great choice, so what did i saw ?

1. Opening Keynote: – The PHP Universe by Derick Rethans
2. Dependency Injection in PHP 5.2 and 5.3 by Fabien Potencier
3. Get the most out of Solr search with PHP by Paul Borgermans
4. PHP applications/environments monitoring: APM & Pinba by Patrick Allaert/Davide Mendolia
5. PHPillow & CouchDB & PHP by Kore Nordmann
6. Passing the Joel Test in the PHP World by Lorna Mitchell
7. Generating dynamic PDFs using Zend Framework and JavaBridge by Eric Ritchie
8. Closing Keynote: Open Teams by Cal Evans

I just left my comments on, if you’re feeling curious just go on and check the audience comments on each talks.

Some of the presentations are now uploaded into Slideshare, sho go on and check them out: and some photos on Flickr:

In conclusion, the conference was just great, i am extremely happy for making around 1000 miles to go there and meet the people and watch the conference live. It as great to meet Jeremy and Priscilla Coates and quickly meet Lorna Jane.

Congratulations to all the people that put effort on making the conference memorable and see you all soon.

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  1. Hi Jose, thank you for your #PHPBNL10 review. I am glad to read you enjoyed it, that was our (PHPBenelux) main goal. Hope to see you there again in 2011! Lets have a chat then 🙂


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