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PHP Development best practices

Matthew Weier O’Phinney presentations at DPC2008 are now available on Matthew’s blog,
in one of his presentations Matthew makes an approach to PHP Best Practices, on a daily basis, using PHP as example.

Topics like:

  • Testing
  • Coding Standards
  • Design patterns
  • Code Documentation
    • My Code
    • Application Code
  • Source Control

Probably doesn’t add alot to whom is doing software for living, and is an active member of language communities! although is allways great to review the topics and discover that some of the important topics are being loosed with time.


  1. Awesome practices. However, those will only work with experienced programmers.

    However, with rookies, you kinda need to be more in-your-face, like:

    Include this file on all your PHP files, and make sure to style #fatalerror to fill all the screen so that the programmer needs to fix his code before something else.

    Most errors inexperienced programmers come ask me help for are misnamed variables, so that helps a LOT. Initializing, checking array indexes before accessing them… those things happen a lot too.

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