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One sign that you are not doing SCRUM

To do or not to do, that’s the question.

One thing i learned during my SCRUM Master Certification Training was that: there is no such thing as “I am doing SCRUM but…”, there is no SCRUM BUT framework, either your are or you are not doing it.

There are some signs that could lead you to the sad conclusion that, after all, you are not doing SCRUM at all.

Some members of the team complain about the Daily Meeting usefulness

When one, or some members of the team start to complain about the loss of that 15 minutes during the day, that could mean that:

  1. You team is not self-managed
  2. Not ALL the team is focused on the SAME goal.

So, fixed or leave it, is my advise!

Alexandre Magno talked about it on Adpatworks blog post, Mike Cohn too, on his “Ssssh….Agile Is All About Micromanaging” blog post.

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