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Once a freelancer always a freelancer

Most of freelancers, have gone from a full time job, to a freelancer way of living.

What makes a freelancer ?

The blood that runs under his vain, you born a freelancer, you don’t choose to be a freelancer, it’s on your spirit. You even could foolish yourself, and convincing yourself that a full time job is the right for you, but you know that you’ll never be happy doing a full time job, because you are a freelancer!


What could make a freelancer get a full time job ?

Responsibilities – When you get responsibilities, and start to get worried about family and fixed bills, there is a tendency to start getting questions. With a full time job seems easier to have commodity, on the financial field. But this means that you don’t have control of you life, and way of living.

Empty clients pipeline – When the clients/project pipeline gets empty, means that you got no income, that is one of the biggest freelancer worries about, but you know what, you should always aim for maintenance clients that get’s you a steady income.

Surely there are more reasons to get a full-time job, for me , this two are the dark shadow of any freelancer, and the devil’s temptation!

Laura Spencer, gives her point of view at, and i completely agree with her.

The principal point, that every freelance should think, is that none of
the areas will be easy, a full time job isn’t more safe than a
freelance spirit, it’s a mater of organization and approach to the
freelance way of living.

My personal experience

I have been a freelancer for some years, than i became drunk with a project and a moved to a full time position, after that full time position another great project was offered to me, and i got drunk again, with another full time position, and the story goes on an on. But everything on life is temporal, just keep the blood running and you’ll get back again.

This is the danger i am talking about, if you want/need to be a frelance, don’t get drunk with projects.

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