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My work environment

Following a curiosity by Claudio Franco, i will try to explain what tools do i use and what hardware do i have to support my day-by-day activity.

Computer: My old MacBook 2.16Ghz / 4 GB Ram

External monitor: Acer AL1912

Backup Drive: External Hard Drive 500 GB + Dropbox

Operating System: Mac Os Snow Leopard 10.6.3

Virtual Machines: Virtual Box Software with 1 x Debian Server (emulate production) 1x Windows 7 machine (Browser debug)

Linux Datacenter VM’s: 1 Slicehost (US) and 1 Linode (UK)

Mobile Phone: Nokia E71

Media Device: IPOD Touch 16GB

Communication/Office Tools: Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, …) , Skype

Code editor: Vim and TextMate ( The inseparables )

Am i happy with the hardware that i own ?

Definitely NO, i need urgently to upgrade my MacBook and the External Monitor is old and low quality. I haven’t choose the hardware i own in order to support my consulting activity, it’s just the hardware i had. And, until now, has been enough, with some memory performance issues from time to time.

What about fun ?

For fun i just play my Xbox 360, in this area i have no complaints.

What’s your work environment ?

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  1. Como fazes a tua “gestão” de projectos?
    Google Docs ou utilizas algo mais especifico? Basecamp, Goplan…?

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