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Long time no see

Hi, long time since i have wrote some content over this blog, no excuse, just got lazy for the past 2 months, a lot of things just changed and i am adjusting myself.

4 months working from home

The past few months i shifted to a freelancer role and started working from home full-time, there are some drastic changes that you need to make in your way of living in order to adapt and keep productivity high, i will talk about it later on.

You can hire me for some freelance project now! Wanna know more about me?

Moved this blog from my us slicehost to uk linode vm

Needed more resources for some personal projects without increasing the price, so Linode was a good solution, with the bonus of having a better round trip times to Portugal.

A child on his way

A new family member is on his way, it’s a boy and i am extremely happy about it.

Open for questions

You can now ask me something over at, feel free to be curious.

Future writings on this blog

I am preparing a serie of articles to release on this blog, but feel free to suggest some topics you’d like to hear about.

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  1. Desde já os meus parabéns pelo novo membro da familia que está caminho!

    Em relação a sugestões para futuros tópicos apenas tenho esta no momento:

    Uma vez que voltaste para o Freelancing que ferramentas/serviços utilizas para trabalhares? (na onda do do alcides)

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