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Leadership tale

Being a leader is a complex full time job. Either by being a leader for a school class, your chess club or even a company. There’s no big difference between all of this leadership roles.

1. Nothing to do with the job title

There’s no such thing of being a leader just because someone made you a CEO, CFO, or any other fancy job title on your business card and email signatures, this has nothing to do with leadership.

2. Everything to do with the attitude and commitment

A leader is someone that embraces a cause and surrounds himself with great  individuals to achieve a goal. Mutual respect between team pairs is what makes a leader a true asset to your project or company.

A leader is someone that has the guts to take decisions, bad or good one’s. You’ll be a bad leader if you delay every decision that needs to be made.

3. Is not about yourself

You are a leader if others say so, and follow your thinkings and work together with you to achieve a greater goal, is not just because you self tittled yourself as a leader.

4. Is not about taking the blame

Has nothing to do with taking the bullets for the team, has everything to do with work together with the team to improve the day by day work and walk towards the ultimate goal. A true leader makes everything to avoid asking making mistakes or ask for sorry. Is not someone that is taking the bullets every time for the team.

History will tell you that every  leader had, during his career, outstanding victory’s and astonishing defeats, the true leader will reveal himself when after a defeat learns from the mistakes and gets quickly on his feet again toward to the next battle.

This is the spirit behind every true leader.

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