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GIT – List of changed files between master and branch

While migrating all my repos to GIT i found myself discovering new ways of work with git, i’ll try to past them on this blog as own notes.

Need: A list of changed files on my <branch> comparing to master

git branch <your branch> // Switch to branch
git pull origin master // Sync master changes inside your branch
git diff --name-only master <branch> // List of the changed files
Probably there is a nicer way to achieve this, let me know if you find any other
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  1. Jay Pete Jay Pete

    If you are on the branch you wish to compare with master you don’t need the name of your current branch. You can just do:

    git diff –name-only master

    That way you can also create an alias for it easily:

    git config –global alias.diffm “diff –name-only master”

    And now the command is:

    git diffm

  2. Jay Pete Jay Pete

    And the comment system apparently has a bug, so double dashes (- and another -), only appears as a single -.

    So in order to make the above work, these start with two dashes:


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