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Don’t do this if you’re starting a project

Most of successful companies started with one idea and a prototype. Most probably you are one of the many entrepreneur over the world that have plenty of ideas that would give a great project or product. There are 3 important points you should never forget about, otherwise you’ll fail big.

Don’t accept friends part-time as a after hours job

The temptation will be big and you’ll have plenty of friends offering themselves to help you as a side job, be polite and refuse this scenario right away.

Here’s what will happen: They will find it funny on day zero and just be out of time for your project on day 1, you’ll soon start to have your project delayed and loose time to market. If you need help, just hire someone to do it!

Don’t ask for advice on the idea to others than your future customers

People tend to be nice, and don’t want to disappoint friends, therefore everyone will tell you that “Wow, what a nice idea.”. This means nothing, they will not buy your product, and most probably you’re idea will suck and no customer will buy from you. Go ahead and interview your prospects and actually try to sell the idea, with a promotion early price. If you don’t get enough clients to sustain your idea, just make a refund.

Don’t wait for anybody

Just make this on your mind, it’s YOUR project, don’t wait from no one to get project going once you’ve made up your mind. No one really cares about your idea, they will lunch with your because they are paying some favor to you or a common friend, therefore talk to as many people as you can, but don’t wait from anyone. Don’t wait for feedback to your business plan, don’t wait for a friend favor on designing an icon or logo, don’t wait for a friend to try out your product. Just hire someone to do it!

At the bottom of the day, you’ll only succeed or fail if you try hard, there’s no price for quitting without trying.

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  1. vijay vijay

    I need one help….. Please send one zend framework simple form with the explanation and flow…..

  2. Debjit Saha Debjit Saha

    If it’s possible , send me Facebook integration application in Cakephp, with explanation.

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