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Crisis means more opportunities

There’s no other time that generate more opportunities than crisis time. Not everything is negative when being in a crisis time!

Most of people get into a comfort zone that will make almost impossible to make something different than what you have been doing on your daily work, killing all creativity and innovation. A crisis time will push most of you outside the comfort zone and make you have the need to make things different, search and learn new technologies, be creative and push yourself to attain goals that would be never be possible to attain in your comfort zone.

So, how to take fully advantage of crisis ?

  1. Force yourself to be outside the comfort zone quickly, don’t wait to be forced to do it
  2. Look into new things that are being done
  3. Attend the most of social events that you can
  4. Join your specialities local user group

I am sure that you will find many other actions that will make you visible.

You just need to remember, crisis doesn’t mean a bad thing!


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