Feb 11 2014

$consulting_mode = On

The short story is that i am back to “Consulting mode”, several months ago i decided to make the big jump in the dark, once again, and get back to … consulting.


Photo credits to: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1406905

Since January 1st, i’ve been on my own, with all the goods and bad’s that being a consultant means.

I‘ll be making some experiments with projects i had forgotten on my drawers for a long time as well some consulting / freelance work.

I’ll be writing more on this blog (shame on me) by sharing the outcome of every experiment i will be doing and, intend to be more proactive helping out some open source projects.

What i’ve been working on ?

  • Magento Commerce customization and performance tuning
  • WordPress customization and plugin development
  • Zend Framework Development
  • Symfony 2 Framework Development
  • Custom Product Development


Feel free to reach me out if you need any consulting work regarding PHP related work.



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