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Codebits 2010 wrap up – part 1 / 2

For the past 3 days, between 11 and 13 of November, i had been at Codebits 2010, and let me share with you, was such a great event. As a short opinion i would just say the following, if you haven’t been to a Codebits yet, please make it on your agenda for 2011, you will not regret, year after year a greater event.

Codebits 2010
Photo by Sara Santos

Great content

The event talks were divided by 4 concurrent stages, that means some chooses need to be made. Here’s what i attended and my opinion on it. You should check out the event calendar at the event page and watch the videos from most of the talks, it really worth your time.

Day 1 – Mahout, Activity Streams and How to talk to marketing people

Started with Isabel Drost talking on “Scaling Intelligent Data Analysis with Apache Mahout“, something that was new to me, find the talk smooth and light with a great introduction on the Mahout theme, Mahout is “a scalable machine learning library that supports large data sets” on top of Apache Hadoop. it worths the look into.

On Stage A, Alexandre Loureiro Solleiro , gave a talk on “Activity Streams: simple sentences, infinite potential”. In case you are wondering, what are “Activity Streams”, there you go: “a format for syndicating social activities around the web” form The talk was great, interactive, funny (the video was awesome) and clear enough. It ended with a promised launch ManyBots, will cover this later on.

On Stage C, Rui Carmo started a talk named “How To Talk To Marketing People“, i must admit i didn’t know what to expect from this, but at the end payed of. A talk full of insight on common communication problems between engineering and marketing teams. Now most of the aspects makes more sense, i would suggest you to watch the session recorded session video.

Day 2 – OAuth, Innovation, Spotify and Advanced SQL Injection

Great start of day 2 with Bruno Pedro great presentation about OAuth, on “Everything OAuth“, great approach to the topic, from basics to advanced OAuth. If you still have doubts on the protocol you should watch the video.

Followed by a outstanding presentation by Mario Valente entitled “Innovation: U R DOIN IT WRONG“, Mario as usual was extremely direct and concise presenting the theme, the talk had great moments with the audience enjoying it.

After lunch, watched a former co-worker and friend Ricardo Santos, present the Spotify talk, named “Spotify: P2P music-on-demand streaming“, didn’t know what to expect, but the talk went just great, he gave pens and stickers at the end et all. Now serious, from the talk some great technical challenges were explained as the options and architecture glitches of the system. You should watch the session video.

On the Main Stage, Nuno Loureiro and Tiago Mendo, presented one great talk about “Advanced SQL Injection: attacks and defenses“, let me say, this talk was full of great content and if you are a developer i strongly suggest you to watch the video of this talk, enormous amount of important content on web security.

Day 3 – Fell asleep (shame on me)

I must admit, on day 3 i just fell asleep and lost all the morning talks. So watched no live talks, although seen some of them on video already, will follow about it on next post about Codebits 2010.

What’s next ?

On my next post, part 2, i will focus myself on the 48 hours programming contest and the projects went live during the event.

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