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Category: Random Thoughts

PHP job position open

Over the past few week, the company were i currently work, just opened an additional PHP developer position, the required skills are: Professional experience with : PHP 5.3 + XML Xsd SOAP University degree, preferable in Computers, Math or Physics Bonus points: Zend Certified Engineer (PHP 5.3) Looking for candidates…

XSD – XML Schema Quick intro

On this quick post i will try to explain the basics of understanding a .xsd file.

What is a XSD file ?

XSD stands for Xml Schema Definition, and has the name indicates defines every element on your XML file.

Simple Element

A simple element is one element that contains only text, can’t contain any other element.

Example of a simple element:

<xs:element name=”age” type=”xs:integer”/>

This will result on the following XML data: