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Category: Entrepreneurship

Leadership tale

Being a leader is a complex full time job. Either by being a leader for a school class, your chess club or even a company. There’s no big difference between all of this leadership roles.

1. Nothing to do with the job title

There’s no such thing of being a leader just because someone made you a CEO, CFO, or any other fancy job title on your business card and email signatures, this has nothing to do with leadership.

Roadmap has no pause function

Being connected to start-up environment for the past few years, there were some lessons taken that i would like to share with you, and one of the most important must be “Your roadmap shouldn’t have a pause function”. I already written about the no follow of a roadmap issue, on my “5 signs that may lead your startup to failure” post , now i will take a little deeper on it.

Your roadmap shouldn’t have a pause function

A huge percentage of start-ups that i know have a well defined road-map with objective goals attached to it, goals that, when achieved, will make the start-up a success. Surprisingly there is the agile excuse to abandon the roadmap in pursue of instant trends. This behavior will be extremely dangerous, because this decision will be made using strong emotional feelings, ignoring the long weeks, even months, spent planning the company road-map.

5 signs that may lead your startup to failure

While freelancing for the past months i often listened repeated ideas, dangerous ideas on my perspective. That made me start thinking on  writing something about it. There are some signs that will most probably increase the risk of failure on your startup if you don’t change your mind about it:

Sign 1: You strongly believe that the business can’t live without you

You must pass this own dependency syndrome, what will happen to your startup when you’re on vacations ? Or even if you got hit by a train and got on a hospital bed for several months ? Even if your work is extremely important on the company, please be sure that you have a backup plan for when you are not working on it.

Sign 2: You think that a roadmap is only bureaucracy or you have it on the wall but don’t follow it