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Brain and guts is everything you need

Just found a great post by Caterina, “Want to be an entrepreneur? Drop out of college.“, and got myself feeling a great joy, finally someone say’s it out and loud.

Some great quotes from Caterina post :

“College works on the factory model, and is in many ways not suited to training entrepreneurs. You put in a student and out comes a scholar.”

“… the basic skills necessary to start a tech company — design or coding — are skills that can be learned outside of the academy, and are often self-taught.”

Go on and read the full content at Caterina blog.

I have a whole shelf of books praying about entrepreneurship, motivational, work less, be in charge of your destiny book, although read none like the truths on this post and written down over at “Linchpin” book.

Does this mean that a whole new mentality is rising ? Would this be the start of a brand and modern society ?

What do you think about this ?

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