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18 Months in business

Been a while without writing on this blog, wasn’t the work, neither the lack of time, was just too much distraction. I am now celebrating 18 months and some days working as independent contractor, and I must admit, what a roller coaster has been. Since i left the great adventure that was GuestCentric and my many great friends i left there, worked on so many projects and so many people, i can’t remember all now, there were great moments to remember and others no so good.

Working as independent contractor has pro’s and con’s, will try to enumerate some below.


Flexible schedule and working hours

As independent, there is one thing i don’t give up, i have my own schedule and working hours, and i work on the days i want, as long as i deliver what i agree with the customer, in terms of deadlines and deliverables, all good.

My work environment

Following a curiosity by Claudio Franco, i will try to explain what tools do i use and what hardware do i have to support my day-by-day activity. Computer: My old MacBook 2.16Ghz / 4 GB Ram External monitor: Acer AL1912 Backup Drive: External Hard Drive 500 GB + Dropbox Operating…