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3 reasons why a poorly designed solution will kill your business

More than i would like to dream of, i just keep seeing companies that acquired, or developed, poorly designed solutionz in order to backup their business. This could result on business catastrophe, even the death of a great market idea.

The 3 reasons why a poorly designed solution will kill your business:

1. Deficient development pace

Development pace will, as obvious, deficient and extremely slow, due to bad designed solutions, that doesn’t follow industry standards neither language best practises.

2. Technical HR Stability

A spaghetti code monster will keep talent away from your company, because you’ll have the need to keep moving with your roadmap and most talented resources will leave, most probably due to huge frustration factors.

3. Time to market

Probably this will be the sum of the previous reasons, but will undoubtedly be the one that will help your company idea do die faster. With company instability and often small fixes there will be a spot somewhere in the time where small and quick fixes will not be acceptable any more, and the company will stop and time to market will be dead.

My advice is to hire, or at least ask advice to, industry experts mainly on the solution design or acquisition stage, this will keep your boat on a safe harbour for the next years.

Have you stepped into some poorly designed solutions ? What’s your take on it ?

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