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3 lessons learned about software quality

Over the past 10 years, when i started to work in larger teams, i learned a couple of great lessons on software quality that i would like to share with you.

Lesson 1: Your software will never be perfect

As much as you want it you will never be able to do a perfect software, you will find out technical and time constrains that will keep you away from your perfect software.

Lesson 2: Your deliverables will never be what client thought about it

Even if you make a huge a ount of effort to understand the client mind and requirements, will ever be that small thing that the cliend thought off and didn’t tell you, and guess what ? Will only say you about it after you delivered the package!

Lesson 3: There is no such thing as bug free software

You can hire the top notch developers of your neighboorhood,and you will not be able to deliver a bug free software, that’s the way software is, will always have bug, you can minimize the severity and amount of bugs, but you cannot deliver a bug free software!

So, you can ensure the maximum possible software quality to please your client, but do not try to achieve the perfect software, it’s not possible and you can use all that effort in other areas of your live or product.


Do you have any extra lessons to add ?

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