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22 minutes meeting concept and my thoughts on it

Nicole Steinbok (@nicolesteinbok) came up with the 22 minutes meeting concept, presented at Seattle Ignite 9, according to Scott Berkum, got the first touch with it on his blog.

I tweeted about it and Qworky asked my opinion, so i will try to express myself.

Note: I haven’t seen the presentation, my comments are based on the 22 minutes meeting concept poster and on Scott Berkum post on it.

The concept resides on 9 strict points.

  1. Schedule a 22 minute meeting
  2. Have a goal based agenda
  3. Send required reading 3 days forehand
  4. Start on time
  5. Stand up
  6. No laptops, but presenter’s and not taker’s
  7. No phones, no exceptions
  8. Focus! Note off topic comments
  9. Send notes and action items ASAP

I am against any unproductive meeting, and i believe that this concept is trying to improve the productivity of the meeting and all the meeting stakeholders. There are some key points in the concept that will make you to achieve the maximum productivity meeting goal.

Let’s get deep into some of the more important points of this concept, in my opinion:

3. Send required reading 3 days forehand

You must send the meeting materials with as much time as possible forehand, and if possible exchange some notes about it by email, this will make easier to present or discuss the subject giving that everyone is aware of each topics.

5. Stand up

Making attendees to stand up will make them to remember all the time to focus and get straight to the point.

6. No Laptops and 7. No phones

Those 2 items are most of the distraction sources on every meeting, keeping them outside of the meeting environment will help you to improve the focus level, or at least don’t loose it.

In general this concept can be applied, although not all the meetings should follow this concept, the 22 minute time bounded meeting will not fit when you are talking about brainstorming meetings, and others.

Most of the concept items are just some meeting management best practices, but, if is needed a concept to enforce productivity on meetings, i have anything against it!

There is a Facebook group for the concept, feel free to join.

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  1. Laptops and phones are the biggest distraction. I really agree with you there. Its crazy how much we rely on them and can’t be without them. Not having my phone around though, I see a huge increase in productivity.

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