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18 Months in business

Been a while without writing on this blog, wasn’t the work, neither the lack of time, was just too much distraction. I am now celebrating 18 months and some days working as independent contractor, and I must admit, what a roller coaster has been. Since i left the great adventure that was GuestCentric and my many great friends i left there, worked on so many projects and so many people, i can’t remember all now, there were great moments to remember and others no so good.

Working as independent contractor has pro’s and con’s, will try to enumerate some below.


Flexible schedule and working hours

As independent, there is one thing i don’t give up, i have my own schedule and working hours, and i work on the days i want, as long as i deliver what i agree with the customer, in terms of deadlines and deliverables, all good.

Great work / life balance

As i can define the working hours, i adapt my work to my life, and not the opposite, that gives me more peace and rest time, because i avoid traffic jam hours and other stress society imposed hours, that means i am happier and more productive. That means work outcome is better i am more fulfilled.

Top productivity

Choosing the hours i work, i manage to work on my energy top moments, and that means being more productive in the same amount of time, what do we want more ?


I am being tested all the time, because you have to count hours and minutes so that work is deliverable as expected. Getting new projects when the current one is closing has proven to be a challenging task, and this process is endless. Think that having a bad week, might mean to loose a customer, a challenge hein ?


Tomorrow plans are today’s outcome

There is no tomorrow’s plan, everything is changing all the time. How you deal with today’s projects will reflect on the projects and clients you’ll get tomorrow. What a responsibility hein ?

Shifting mindset

Making small projects means that you are starting a project more than once a month, can you imagine ? All the planing, project scope adaptation, and when you are feeling like apart of it, just change project again and start over. Sometimes can be a mental challenge.

Remote Work

75% of my projects are remote work, and most of them means to manage projects and people, not everyone should be working remote, that’s for sure. People tends to get unresponsive , unreliable and some time takes no responsibility for his own work, if you are like this, please leave remork work. Working with N people on N distinct timezones is always a challenge, imagine sending out an email, and you’ll get the response only the day after, because the person who should do it, is sleeping when you are working. Everything is doable with the right people but is quite a challenge.

Theres no silver bullet for nothing, and either isn’t for sure for working as independent, but i love what i do and how i do, and working as independent doesn’t mean working alone, means being passionate about the outcome and delivering technology.

What are you waiting for ? If you have a challenge that resides upon LAMP stack, just get in touch.

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