Mar 28 2008

Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer

I finally go the time, and the courage, to go forward and do the exam.

The result couldn’t be better, i did it, i am now a Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer.

About the exam, i was expecting something less tricky.

I had studied by the book, Zend PHP Certification Practice Test Book, from Nanobooks/Php Architect, and in the book i manage to pass on 90% of all questions, more than 200 questions.

The Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer is a set of 70 questions, you must socre more than 50% to get the certification, on the end of the exam i was not getting totally sure about my grade, i had doubts on several question, tricky one’s.


My advice is, if you are thinking of doing it, just study, it’s not straight forward as it seems!

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