Mar 7 2014

WordPress Plugin – Menu Obfuscator

Time to time a customer complains that WordPress admin area has way more areas than the one he needs to see, and even after playing with user roles, he just keeps complaining about it.

To fix this i just created a very simple WP plugin to obfuscate WP admin menu’s user by user.

Selecting a user 

How it works

  1. After the plugin installation, you’ll be presented with a new link inside the Settings menu named “Menu Obfuscator”
  2. On the plugin page you’ll be asked to filter the user you want to change
    Selecting a user
  3. You can then choose to hide a complete menu or only a sub-menu itemMenu selection
  4. Save and you’re done.

Link for the plugin:

This plugin was built to solve a simple problem i had, don’t expect to have a full featured plugin.

Feedback always welcomed. 

4 comments on “WordPress Plugin – Menu Obfuscator

  1. Perfeito! Criei um admin bem amplo para a criação dos Web sites dos clientes e com ele oculto do menu todas as seções sem uso e também todas as configurações, assim o admin fica muito mais seguro contra usuários “fuções” rs. Parabéns!

  2. Achei sua idéia fantástica, mas não está funcionando com o ultimo Wodpress. ao tentar editar algum usuário vai para página 404.

    Vinicio Guerra on said:

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