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Dec 1 2009

Turn Twitter into a business marketing tool

Imagine a huge network of people with the same interests receiving messages about your business or service, seems like a powerful channel for localized marketing, doesn’t it ?

Douglas Kar over at listed 15 tips on how to use twitter as a business tool.

  1. Distributing Coupons and Offers
  2. Communicating with Employees
  3. Receiving Customer Complaints
  4. Finding or Posting a Job
  5. Information Seeking and Sharing
  6. Inbound Marketing Strategy
  7. Humanizing Business
  8. Personal Branding
  9. Twitter Search Optimization with Hashtags
  10. Effective Networking
  11. Viral Marketing
  12. Fund-raising
  13. Online Ordering
  14. Public Relations
  15. Communicate Alerts

Read the full article over at 15 Business Reasons to Use Twitter post.

Nov 26 2009

Create RESTful Application Using the Zend Framework

Sudheer just release and article on, how to create a RESTful Application using the Zend Framework.

The article enumerates the following steps:

  1. Adding the Zend_Rest_Route in the bootstrap
  2. Creating the Zend_Rest_Controller
  3. Testing the RESTful server using curl

Read the article on Create RESTful Applications Using The Zend Framework.

Nov 24 2009

LinkedIn Launches Public API

LinkedIn released yesterday their public API. Personally is a long waiting API, one of the services that i most use and and no API was making it very frustrating.

How to start ?

  1. Request and API Key
  2. Browse the OAuth documentation
  3. Interact with Community

For documentation visit the community page.

Nov 23 2009

Optimizing your site for Bing

Allen Moon written down an article at about optimizing your website for Bing. The article offers you 5 tips to get your website on the first positions of Bing’s search engine.

  • As much older is your domain better.
  • Look at your title content
  • Text size does mater
  • Outbound links are not that bad
  • As much backlinks you got, the better

Go on and read the full content at site.

Nov 17 2009

Recipe to end the world hunger – by Sarah Silverman

Well, this is my first off topic post, but i think it deserves.

Sarah Silverman, has, at least, a good point of view on this.

Have you ever think of this ?