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Nov 24 2009

LinkedIn Launches Public API

LinkedIn released yesterday their public API. Personally is a long waiting API, one of the services that i most use and and no API was making it very frustrating.

How to start ?

  1. Request and API Key
  2. Browse the OAuth documentation
  3. Interact with Community

For documentation visit the community page.

Jan 1 1970

Habari Linkedin Plugin 0.5 Released

I am happy to announce a new version of the Habari LinkedIn Plugin.

After some time without updates, i just re-vamped the plug-in, making it compatible with Habari 0.5 versions, and added a new functionality, “Share on Linkedin” button.

I created a Google Code Project for the plugin, so that we can have Issue Tracker, Wiki and SVN access, all detailed information about the plug-in will be placed on the page.

Habari LinkedIn Plug In

What’s new on this version ?

The plugin status management was added into the plugin configuration area, you can set the LinkedIn badge as Visible/Invisible from the administration, without need to remove the template code.

Added new functionality, integrated the “Share on LinkedIn” widget. More info about the widget, on LinkedIn Developers Page.

The plugin will allow the visitors of you blog to share your content with his LinkedIn Connections and groups.


You can see and example of the “Share” functionality, bellow this post you will find a link with label “Share on LinkedIn”.