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Dec 10 2009

How to overcome the entrepreneurs fear motivators

All of us have a little bit of entrepreneurship inside of us, some more others less. There are a lot of reasons that will keep you from releasing your entrepreneur spirit, holding you back, the greatest of it is fear, there are very distinct fear forms and there are as well many fear motivators that will always remember that the fear exist.

The 2 major fear motivators that i found were:

1. Your family and friends

Your family will remember as much as they can that, you have responsibilities, a car to pay, a rent in the end of the month, vacations to pay, i am sure you can remember some more reasons.

2. The society

Everyone will look you like crazy, if you decide to do something that is opposite to the society imposed values like, loosing the stability and safety of a day job to do anything else. Almost no one will understand, everyone will look you aside, holding you back as much as they can.

How to overcome the fear factor? My advice is:

1. Make a detailed analysis of your step, write down the pros and cons.

2. Ask advice to those whom you trust more

3. Make your decision and ignore all the fear motivators that will try to make you change your decision.

Now, you must have it in your head that when you take your chance failing is one of the options, so be prepared to fail and have a safety plan for it. But,just do it, the worst thing that can happen to any entrepreneur is not to try.

At the end you will never regret!

Do you have any other advices ?