Mar 1 2012

PHP 5.4 Officially released

PHP 5.4 was officially released as a stable version. There are some new features on this PHP version, but maybe the surprisingly one is: it comes with a built-in web server for development purposes.

What’s new on PHP 5.4 (Key Features) :

  • Traits
  • Shortened Array Syntax
  • Built-in web server for development purposes


Feb 28 2012

Don’t do this if you’re starting a project

Most of successful companies started with one idea and a prototype. Most probably you are one of the many entrepreneur over the world that have plenty of ideas that would give a great project or product. There are 3 important points you should never forget about, otherwise you’ll fail big.


Feb 22 2012

PHP and MongoDB Web Development – The book

Just been analyzing the “PHP and MongoDB Web Development ” book, by Packt Publishing.

The books introduces the audience to usage of MongoDB including:

  • Brief introduction to NOSQL movement
  • Installing MongoDB
  • Creating databases on MongoDB and definition of Document and Collections.


Feb 22 2012

How to remove a remote branch on Git

A common task on a git working workflow is:

  • Branch for a new development
  • Merge branch with master
  • Delete branch

Deleting a branch is quite simple:

git push <remote> :<remote_branch>

Feb 15 2012

GIT – List of changed files between master and branch

While migrating all my repos to GIT i found myself discovering new ways of work with git, i’ll try to past them on this blog as own notes.

Need: A list of changed files on my <branch> comparing to master

git branch <your branch> // Switch to branch
git pull origin master // Sync master changes inside your branch
git diff --name-only master <branch> // List of the changed files
Probably there is a nicer way to achieve this, let me know if you find any other