Feb 11 2014

$consulting_mode = On

The short story is that i am back to “Consulting mode”, several months ago i decided to make the big jump in the dark, once again, and get back to … consulting.


Photo credits to: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1406905

Since January 1st, i’ve been on my own, with all the goods and bad’s that being a consultant means.


Oct 29 2012

XML pretty print on MacOSX

When you spent half of your day integrating with external systems, you’ll get into a point where reading a xml message is an extremely tiring event.

By making the xml message with the right indentation your life will become 100x easy.

Just copy the xml message into your computer memory, and then run this command.

pbpaste | xmllint --format - > pretty-xml.xml

You’ll get a pretty and nice readable xml file on your destination file “pretty-xml.xml”.

Jul 25 2012

Still wondering why you are not doing great things ?

Often i step into discussions why isn’t a team doing WOW or creating amazing features on most of projects teams work.

I found 3 main reasons that will lead into that scenario.

  • Persons are overloaded with development work, therefore they don’t get out of the forest to see the big picture, and that means that long term goals or wow features will never occur. Give it a rest, and people will start to became more pro-efficient.
  • You hired the wrong persons for the job, and you have no visionaries or creative minds on your teams, you should start thinking on joining one thinker to the team.
  • You micro manage your teams, and they don’t have space to take their own decisions, so you should not complain that they are not doing it. If you give them some space, most probably you’ll get surprised.

If you can’t change the way you are doing things, at least you should stop complaining about not having great things.

Apr 28 2012

PHP job position open

Over the past few week, the company were i currently work, just opened an additional PHP developer position, the required skills are:

  • Professional experience with :
    • PHP 5.3 +
    • XML
    • Xsd
    • SOAP
  • University degree, preferable in Computers, Math or Physics
  • Bonus points: Zend Certified Engineer (PHP 5.3)

Looking for candidates from all over the world.

Full time remote job position for the right candidate.

Just contact me, jose (at) josedasilva (dot) net for more details.

Mar 4 2012

XSD – XML Schema Quick intro

On this quick post i will try to explain the basics of understanding a .xsd file.

What is a XSD file ?

XSD stands for Xml Schema Definition, and has the name indicates defines every element on your XML file.

Simple Element

A simple element is one element that contains only text, can’t contain any other element.

Example of a simple element:

<xs:element name=”age” type=”xs:integer”/>

This will result on the following XML data: