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Feb 28 2010

Weekend readings: Blogging and Social Media Numbers

Just had a “back to the old times” weekend, a lot of readings around the internet, below are the more interesting readings i had over the last week(end).


How I Made $100K With Twitter” by Amber Naslund
The number could be impressive, but the content is even more, a lesson on how to monetize your business using Twitter. A must read.

10 Ways To Generate Business Leads On Twitter” by Raj Dash
Great tips on maximizing your business Twitter presence.

5 Ways to Get Customer Feedback — For Free” by Doriano “Paisano” Carta
Some tools suggestions on customer feedback collect.

7 Must Read Success Lessons from Donald Trump” by Mr. Self Development
Some motivational success phrases by Donald Trump. Always good to read about.

Just couldn’t resist buying a book, this time the chosen one was:

“Focus: The Power of Targeted Thinking” by Jurgen Wolff [Amazon link]

What were yours ?

Feb 15 2010

Weekend readings: Facebook and Entrepreneurship

Hi, just enjoyed the weekend putting my readings on time, and i must say, some of the readings were just superb.

1. Finished reading the book “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal (Hardcover)”Link to Amazon

The story is just great! A lot of tricks and leaving people behind scenes, always with a goal in mind, make Facebook one of the biggest websites live, i believe that the result speaks by himself. A must read, for sure a 8 in 10.

2. Things I’ve learned as an entrepreneur — Part 1 Blog post Link

A list of truths that every entrepreneur will say, i have been there.

3. 10 Things every young entrepreneur should know – blog post Link

Just another list about global entrepreneur tips, the strongest of the list for me is “get used to receive NO as an answer”, still worth your 5 minutes.

This were my weekend top readings, what’s yours ?