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Apr 28 2012

PHP job position open

Over the past few week, the company were i currently work, just opened an additional PHP developer position, the required skills are:

  • Professional experience with :
    • PHP 5.3 +
    • XML
    • Xsd
    • SOAP
  • University degree, preferable in Computers, Math or Physics
  • Bonus points: Zend Certified Engineer (PHP 5.3)

Looking for candidates from all over the world.

Full time remote job position for the right candidate.

Just contact me, jose (at) josedasilva (dot) net for more details.

Mar 4 2012

XSD – XML Schema Quick intro

On this quick post i will try to explain the basics of understanding a .xsd file.

What is a XSD file ?

XSD stands for Xml Schema Definition, and has the name indicates defines every element on your XML file.

Simple Element

A simple element is one element that contains only text, can’t contain any other element.

Example of a simple element:

<xs:element name=”age” type=”xs:integer”/>

This will result on the following XML data:



Feb 28 2012

Don’t do this if you’re starting a project

Most of successful companies started with one idea and a prototype. Most probably you are one of the many entrepreneur over the world that have plenty of ideas that would give a great project or product. There are 3 important points you should never forget about, otherwise you’ll fail big.


Feb 22 2012

How to remove a remote branch on Git

A common task on a git working workflow is:

  • Branch for a new development
  • Merge branch with master
  • Delete branch

Deleting a branch is quite simple:

git push <remote> :<remote_branch>

Feb 15 2012

GIT – List of changed files between master and branch

While migrating all my repos to GIT i found myself discovering new ways of work with git, i’ll try to past them on this blog as own notes.

Need: A list of changed files on my <branch> comparing to master

git branch <your branch> // Switch to branch
git pull origin master // Sync master changes inside your branch
git diff --name-only master <branch> // List of the changed files
Probably there is a nicer way to achieve this, let me know if you find any other