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Jul 4 2015

Comparador de Preços em Portugal

Portuguese content only

Silencioso durante algum tempo, devido a novos desafios profissionais e também a novos projectos criados.

Gostaria de vos apresentar um dos maiores e a tecnologia envolvida no mesmo.

O Comparador de preços é um agregador de produtos de diversas lojas que permite ao utilizador comparar os preços e com uma simples pesquisa encontrar o produto que deseja com sugestões de diversas lojas que o comercializam ao melhor preço.

A tecnologia usada neste projecto, foi um conjunto de soluções que desejava à muito usar:


Aug 27 2014

Giving back – One plugin per quarter

PHP community has given me so much over the years, that i feel like i am in debt with it.

In order to make it up, i decided to build a new WordPress plugin per quarter and release it for free on the WordPress Plugins directory.

All plugins will be suggested by my blog audience, if no suggestion is done or a suggestion is un-feasible i will grab one from my todo list and release it as a free directory plugin.

What plugins would you like to see built and you couldn’t find one that does the job right ?

Mar 19 2014

WordPress Plugin – SW Lazy Load

While working on a client project, on optimizing the website speed, found it hard to get a Lazy Loading plugin that fit on my needs.

Sw Lazy Load

Sw Lazy Load

Please note that there are plenty of plugins Lazy Load Plugins for WP, although i couldn’t find one that work the way i needed do the way theme was initially built.


Feb 11 2014

$consulting_mode = On

The short story is that i am back to “Consulting mode”, several months ago i decided to make the big jump in the dark, once again, and get back to … consulting.


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Since January 1st, i’ve been on my own, with all the goods and bad’s that being a consultant means.


Jul 25 2012

Still wondering why you are not doing great things ?

Often i step into discussions why isn’t a team doing WOW or creating amazing features on most of projects teams work.

I found 3 main reasons that will lead into that scenario.

  • Persons are overloaded with development work, therefore they don’t get out of the forest to see the big picture, and that means that long term goals or wow features will never occur. Give it a rest, and people will start to became more pro-efficient.
  • You hired the wrong persons for the job, and you have no visionaries or creative minds on your teams, you should start thinking on joining one thinker to the team.
  • You micro manage your teams, and they don’t have space to take their own decisions, so you should not complain that they are not doing it. If you give them some space, most probably you’ll get surprised.

If you can’t change the way you are doing things, at least you should stop complaining about not having great things.