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Mar 7 2014

WordPress Plugin – Menu Obfuscator

Time to time a customer complains that WordPress admin area has way more areas than the one he needs to see, and even after playing with user roles, he just keeps complaining about it.

To fix this i just created a very simple WP plugin to obfuscate WP admin menu’s user by user.

Selecting a user 


Oct 29 2012

XML pretty print on MacOSX

When you spent half of your day integrating with external systems, you’ll get into a point where reading a xml message is an extremely tiring event.

By making the xml message with the right indentation your life will become 100x easy.

Just copy the xml message into your computer memory, and then run this command.

pbpaste | xmllint --format - > pretty-xml.xml

You’ll get a pretty and nice readable xml file on your destination file “pretty-xml.xml”.

Mar 1 2012

PHP 5.4 Officially released

PHP 5.4 was officially released as a stable version. There are some new features on this PHP version, but maybe the surprisingly one is: it comes with a built-in web server for development purposes.

What’s new on PHP 5.4 (Key Features) :

  • Traits
  • Shortened Array Syntax
  • Built-in web server for development purposes


Feb 22 2012

PHP and MongoDB Web Development – The book

Just been analyzing the “PHP and MongoDB Web Development ” book, by Packt Publishing.

The books introduces the audience to usage of MongoDB including:

  • Brief introduction to NOSQL movement
  • Installing MongoDB
  • Creating databases on MongoDB and definition of Document and Collections.


Feb 15 2012

GIT – List of changed files between master and branch

While migrating all my repos to GIT i found myself discovering new ways of work with git, i’ll try to past them on this blog as own notes.

Need: A list of changed files on my <branch> comparing to master

git branch <your branch> // Switch to branch
git pull origin master // Sync master changes inside your branch
git diff --name-only master <branch> // List of the changed files
Probably there is a nicer way to achieve this, let me know if you find any other