Mar 7 2010

Blog redesign in progress

As many of you may have noticed, today, a new look and feel is present at the blog, not all the changes were merely visual, as the process is undergoing i will explain some of the changes.

Blogging Platform

I had been using Habari for more than 2 years from now, this week i made the difficult choice of moving back into the wordpress world, the reason was merely a community reason. WordPress have a stronger community with lots of plugins and templates, that will make my work easier on managing this blog.

I will continue to help Habari Project on what i can, i have done some plug-ins for it, but for now i will stick with WordPress as blogging platform.

Visual Template

Had been waiting for years for a redesign and never had the time for it, so i decided to buy the WordPress template for the folks over at Themeforest, a small number of tweaks will happen, but generally i am pleased with this template.

What do you think on the new look ?

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